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With the wealth and experience of over 23 years; cooked professionally in 8 countries, Michelin stars, flight kitchens, cruise liner, vineyard restaurant,  TV & Radio appearances, guest lecturer, coach for Team India; dare I say - I certainly qualify as an industry expert. 

I have built my expertise on knowledge, experience & toil;  I have a thorough understanding of textures/temperatures/flavours/presentations - but more importantly 'what a guest wants' and how to make a successful venture based on its market segment and positioning.

This website aims to deliver an online repertoire for current trends, industry facts and opportunities in hospitality.

Explore my work below, and you would discover that I have an extensive bandwidth to setup, execute and proliferate various culinary concepts.

If you like to engage and work together then contact me directly so we can learn further and go farther!

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A Chefs' Pride

Michelin Star

Michelin stars have remained a badge of honour for chefs since the inception of the Guide in 1900. Stars is awarded to the establishment and not the chef. However being at the helm of a kitchen the accolade is rightly acclaimed by the 'chef' (meaning chief)

I have had the opportunity to lead the teams at Benares (2006-2011) and Gymkhana (2018-2020) both with 1 Michelin Star.

I was the Head Pastry Chef at Gordon Ramsay Maze with 1 Michelin Star and a Jr. Sous Chef at Capital Hotel with 2 Michelin Stars.  


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