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the Matrix

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

With the advent of Wifi and 3G connectivity : knowledge is in the air. Practically everyone has the potential to becoming a walking encyclopedia and a knowledge bank…just need to type a few words into your search box and answers galore…Well the key is not just to key in those search words but to be inquisitive and hungry for answers. And to be able to AskJeeves; you need to ask the question in the first place!!

The quest for knowledge is an addiction that no rehab can cure. The young generations of today seem to be very technology savvy and learn the tricks far sooner than their parents, but they seldom enquire and ask the whys, hows and whats. I come across many young professional s on the job who want to be successful but are not inclined to asking the questions and of course chasing the answers! I met an elderly gentle man the other day who during the course of a 30min chat asked me 3 different things that I spoke about but knew not much about. No sooner the meeting finished I googled away those points and found the results within 10-12 minutes of browsing.

It could be that the accessibility of the answers in your palm top; that we have started taken them for granted and forgot to chase them. I imagine the web of facts and knowledge that cocoons us at all times and we simply have to reach out to get what we need….anytime anywhere. There are things that you might never use in your life and those that are meaningless to your daily chores…but the sheer attempt is good enough to give you a sense of attainment.

So the question remains how to encourage the younger generation to ask the questions, well I tend to ask them the questions and poke them to explore the Matrix and derive the answers. It is when you start joining the dots then slowly but surely an image starts to form…. as if teasing you to say that “hey, I was always here!!”

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