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the Greener Grass

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

"What would it be to work like the normal people who go to office in the morning and are back home with their families for dinner?"

Many a overworked, under slept, under paid and (surprisingly) undernourished cooks; would ask this question to themselves or even their mates, in utter desolation. I was no exception.

Completely engulfed by the solitary desire to perform their tasks- to the best of their ability, either to

a) enliven the senses of a dining customer or

b) simply trying to follow the chefs instructions and avoiding abuse...

...however the case they would look out of the kitchen window to see the 'city' pack up and leave at sun down while they set up for dinner service and a battle yet to begin.

'They' would soon be refreshed and dressed as charming ladies and their gentlemen to dine in the posh dining rooms while the cooks try to steal themselves a clean oven cloth.

Friends (of whoever remained) would wonder what keeps us from getting weekends off. Social circle became a sub-set of work colleagues from various restaurants in the neighborhood! Sleeping was not a pass time or hobby but a necessity to maintain the bodily requirements and recharge yourselves to take you through another week.

The transition came and I was on the other side, doing 9 to 5 baby!!!

The first showdown was the rush hour traffic...which I had only seen on TV!! The revelation that sitting on a desk chair could be so tiring came shortly - with aches of a different kind. Lastly and most importantly the deprivation from the freedom of a kitchen, and the adrenaline of a bustling environment.

...instantly like a flash back of a motion picture I was drawn to that kitchen window which was akin a prison cell (at the time) - the barrier holding us back.....but looking back was it really ?? or was it giving us our freedom!!

We humans tend to only look at the things we do not like and ...Always comparing to others; without knowing their equation. Guess that's why we always find the grass greener on the other side

One should not be dissatisfied .......but hungry (to grow)

One should not be complacent ......but content

One should not be greedy..............but ambitious

Engagement and stimulation is key to keep one going....

Enjoy the moment

Do what you love

Love what you do

Be on the Greener Grass....!!!

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