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In God we trust

Thursday, December 4, 2014

The saffron head scarf’s midst pure white marbles; the serenity in the hall despite the chorus of the choir; and genuine smiles within the hours of toil….is only but - pure dedication and selfless belief in His supreme power. Any Gurudwara, around the world shares the same ethos and is ever a source of shelter, peace and tranquility for those in need; of whatever they need!

The langar is a daily banquet, grander on certain auspicious days. No recipes, no trained chefs no quest for recognition...simply devotion and the belief to put in the toil to make others happy and take His blessings.

The devotees do not question the religion and follow the regime as a ritual and seek containment and solace within. The word 'shradha' is perfect definition of the vision, and mission of the devotees. The feeling of selflessness and sacrifice is a great learning which is instilled in the pupils without their realization and goes to become the true sense of their own character. The process can be broken down, analysed and resourced by any catering giant or hospitality operator, but the ethos that drives the machinery is unique and something to emulate. No duty rosters, no hierarchical charts, no reporting structure (as all are reporting to the Guru!!), and most importantly no Pride!! I have been blessed to not only witness this clockwork and His charisma; but to actively part take and be involved in the seva. It is a learning for life and humbles you to respect others and make things happen in the name of thy God. The very opportunity to do the chores was a blessing; and the most menial ones were the hardest to secure. The bond between the coworkers is an association of harmony and they naturally get in sync to perform and complete the tasks; it so feels that things are just happening! Looking back into my life as a young cook - working will total dedication and (almost) blindly following the directives of the Chef; the voice almost resounding in my head, Don't think...just do it!!". It would, at the time, seem harsh and curbing my creativity; but reflecting on it after a few years of was a sense of trust, devotion and confidence that the chef was building in his team. In the process creating a comradery between cooks and a unison that is required to run a well oiled machinery. The resounding "Oui Chef!!" has a effect akin a shot of adrenaline. There is no room for reason or questions, as the answers appear from within the matrix. To decode the matrix one has to clear the mind of 'worldly clutter'. Purity of thought will give way to clearer perception and lead into a realm of sanctity. As a wise man said, "Faith starts where logic ends!!"

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